BAS & GST Service

Every business is responsible to meet tax obligations. One of those obligations is to maintain clear and accurate financial records. At BusinessBooks, we make sure that we keep your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Services Tax (GST) clear and accurate.

BAS & GST Service With Us

At Businessbooks, we have established a high standard with a timely, organised, and streamlined BAS and GST lodgment process.

Completion, Review And Lodgement

We make sure that your BAS & GST is properly maintained and lodged on time. Since we have been in the accounting and bookkeeping business for many years, we are familiar with the submission deadlines and requirements of the ATO (Australian Tax Office). You can feel confident that we are your accounting partner who is working with you to help you increase your profit margins.   


BAS & GST Service with Us

At Businessbooks, we help businesses in preparing and lodging BAS and GST. Our team can quickly and simply prepare your Business Activity Statement information, make sure credit entitlements are maximised, and lodge GST and BAS before the due date on your behalf. We collect data, compile necessary reports, and ensure your business is always compliant.

We have a timely, organised, and streamlined process to lodge GST and BAS. We have years of experience in the bookkeeping business and therefore are familiar with the submission deadlines and requirements of the Australian Taxation Office. Our friendly and service-oriented team provides a wide range of BAS and GST lodgement services to businesses across industries. We are your accounting partner who works with you to help you increase your profit margins. 

The Expert BAS Accountants

If, as a business, you are required to lodge GST, it's imperative that you lodge your Business Activity Statements. Our expert accountants help you prepare and lodge your BAS electronically. We assist businesses in reporting and lodging quarterly BAS with the Australian Taxation Office if their income exceeds or is likely to exceed $75,000. Our experienced Chartered Accountants conduct seamless reviews and professional assessments with a faster turnaround time. We strive to maximise your claimable GST credits and ensure to lodge GST and Business Activity Statements accurately and on time.


Our BAS Service Process

We provide comprehensive services to manage and file BAS statements to lodge GST for small to large businesses. We are committed to offering professional advice, guidance, and support for filing BAS and GST in Melbourne. Our proficient and expert staff helps you properly prepare your Business Activity Statement to lodge GST. We draw upon our knowledge, expertise, and experience to free you from the grind of forms and changing laws. We offer customised solutions for your Business Activity Statement to make sure your business is up-to-date and there are no surprises or penalties. We specialise in accurate BAS preparation and lodging GST in Melbourne. We offer essential support to ensure your company can keep on top of accounting tasks and meet regulatory compliance. Our BAS services process includes:

Preparation: We gather the necessary data, documentation, reports, and relevant details to prepare an accurate Business Activity Statement for your business. 

Calculations: We calculate an accurate figure for your business's total tax return, including GST, PAYG, and other relevant taxes. 

Formatting: We carefully format your Business Activity Statement and ensure your BAS is submitted on time to avoid penalties.

Liaising: We liaise with the ATO on your company's behalf, if needed. 

We Advise Companies on Various GST and BAS Issues

Our experienced accountants can aid you with all the forms and paperwork if you need to register for GST. Our team of Chartered Accountants also advises you on how to lodge GST. At Businessbooks, we also help you with Business Activity Statement lodgement and reports on:

How much is your business sales
The price of goods and services
GST charged
GST your company spent

We also recommend possible deductions that your company can claim as business expenses and help you get the highest likely return on your tax. 

 At Businessbooks, we also provide you with:

  1. Comprehensive bookkeeping services to make sure your company is always in compliance with the Business Activity Statement.
  2. Managing organised reports
  3. Support to lodge and amend your BAS returns.
  4. In-depth analysis of your business, GST, and expenditures.

 We help you maintain detailed records and papers to protect your business in case of an audit by the Australian Taxation Office.

Why Hire Businessbooks?

 Our team is committed to providing businesses excellent services to lodge BAS and returns and lodge GST. We take a proactive approach and review your bookkeeping to make sure all your business transactions in the quarter have GST attributed to them. Our team also ensures GST on expenses is coded correctly, so you get all claimable GST credits. In addition, we offer you the following advantages:

Experience: We have years of experience in preparing Business Activity Statements. We also have the expertise to lodge GST in Melbourne. Our Chartered Accountants have in-depth knowledge and expertise in BAS and GST. Our bookkeepers' attention to detail is unmatched, and we provide exceptional services for GST in Melbourne. 

Ease: It can be a bit cumbersome to lodge GST and BAS. Therefore, we take away your burden of preparing BAS and lodging GST. In addition, we offer tailor-made services to help businesses with BAS and to lodge GST.

Security: At Businessbooks, we ensure the complete safety and security of your data. We use highly secure servers and encrypted file transfer to ensure your business-related data is safe. Furthermore, all our employees have signed our non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. 

Save Time and Money: We have a faster turnaround time and lodge GST and BAS on time and accurately. Moreover, we take care of all your accounting needs so that you can focus on your business. 

Cost-Efficient: We provide exceptional and high-quality services at cost-efficient prices. Moreover, we provide customised solutions tailored to your business needs, making our services more affordable.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team: We have a talented and skilled team. Our qualified and experienced accountants help businesses with all their business accounting services. 

Latest Accounting Tools: We use the most secure and advanced accounting and financial tools, technology, and software to provide our clients with best-in-class services.

Highest Accuracy: We prepare Business Activity Statements with the highest accuracy because we know any error may bring the worst legal consequences for our clients. Therefore, we have stringent quality checks to ensure accurate BAS.

Need Help with BAS and GST?

We offer a full spectrum of BAS and GST solutions. Our certified accountants make everything seamless and save you time and money. If you need help to prepare BAS and lodge GST in Melbourne, reach out to our Businessbooks Accountants today.

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